You know how people like magazine editors, advertising guys and MTV producers are always asking their teenage nieces and the hipster girls next door, "Hey guys, what's trending these days? What are you guys doing/seeing/reading/wearing/watching/listening to….?" Because they know those girls spot it first. 

Well, we're those girls: AbbyCarsonHallie, and India.

We live in New York and California and have known each other for the past 10 years.  We originally met in New York and have managed to stay in touch and remain friends through several moves.

We got asked these questions so often, we decided to set up VoxPops - a place where we show the trends we see emerging in culture right now….all through the lens of our original photos and commentary, from our own lives, schools, streets and friends. 

From the chunky shoes and bags everyone's into right now, to the strange rise of the rainbow cake, now you don't have to corner us at the family holiday party and ask us what's up and what's next.

It's all here!

Love Abby, Carson, Hallie, India etc…heart eyes emoji, poop emoji, panda emoji