Hi my name is India! I am a 17 year old girl living in Brooklyn, the eye of the hipster hurricane. I am a performing arts student, and a vocal major. Nearly all of the people i know are living on the edge, always getting ready or always creating the next thing. The patterns i tend to look for are extremes in teen culture. The environment of my school is so intense full of insanely talented and manically energized people, who tend to come in one day with their hair dyed green! 

My interests are all over the map! i sing opera, and wear skinny jeans! i think interesting, and even conflicting combinations are a huge thing right now! Lace dresses with spikes on the shoulder, young girls dressed in Mickey Mouse dresses at a Tyler the Creator concert! These are the patterns that scream at me when i see them! And these conflicting images and idea's are everywhere today! This is what i would like to show you! 

Enjoy voxpops!