Established in 2013, VoxPops is a website dedicated to discovering the latest trends in teen culture, then delivering them to marketing professionals seeking authentic information about teens straight from the heart of contemporary culture. But VoxPops isn’t just another trend ­forecasting organization. VoxPops’ name derives from the Latin term vox populī, meaning “voice of the people”. And that’s exactly what VoxPops is – the voice of teens, the voice of your friends, your voice. Run by teens for teens, VoxPops’ mission is to gather information on youth culture by talking to the people who know the most about it: you.

By curating photographs taken of and by teens, our members seek to present the most up ­to­ date information on what teens today are wearing, doing, and saying. And we can’t get these photographs without your help. Do you find yourself spotting trends in what you and others are doing? Do you enjoy taking photos? Do your aspirations run to a career in photography? Or do you just like to snap pictures of your friends when you’re having fun? Put VoxPops up there with Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, and show us what you think is cool. We’ll give you credit as a staff contributor on our official Web site, and what’s more, companies like Coca­Cola, MTV, and the Gap may well end up relying on your photos to make better products for you and your friends.

Interested? If so, send an email to   We’d love to have you on our staff.