I’m Abby.  I’m seventeen years old, and I live and go to high school in Brooklyn.  My school has a focus on the arts, which makes it a perfect fit for the new Brooklyn, where everyone is into DIY and old-fashioned craftsmanship.  I love to sew and cook, make things from scratch, and I always appreciate a hand-made effort and well made goods. I sew costumes for plays at school and make them for friends at Halloween. A big stress-reliever for me is baking sweet treats to take to my friends after a hard test or a long week of papers. 

I’m super social and love to hang out with friends.  I like to organize activities with them: exercising, bbq's, picnics in the park, movie nights, parties.  And there’s nothing I love more than a day at the beach or a ride on a roller coaster.  I love being part of my gymnastics team, and being a mentor to some of the younger girls.  I’m the one who makes photo albums for the graduating seniors at the gym and I'm currently working as an editor on my high school yearbook.  Every occasion should be celebrated and achievements recognized! 

My network of friends is getting bigger and bigger through athletics, social activities, and travel, and I love to keep up with them in person and online.  I study three languages -- I want to travel the world, have new experiences and meet interesting, fun people.

Look for me to follow food and fashion trends.  I’ll also cover new ideas in music, entertaining and social media.